The site

The “Bastide” story and the works done to date

It is an old farm, with thick walls, listed as typical of the local peasant architecture.
For the restoration, we have taken the option to maintain it, as far as possible, in its original design and to restore only what really needed to be:

  • The existing doors and windows have been preserved in their existing dimensions; we simply add double glazing and new frames. The shutters are typical of the region.
  • The plaster of the façade, sometimes damaged, sometimes missing, has been restored where needed, so that the old and the new parts and colors blend harmoniously.
  • The roof has been entirely reshaped in its original style for the visible parts, and in line with the local norms for the hidden sections
  • The wooden floors have been renewed, but the ceilings are still the original ones.
  • All chimneys are traditional, which means they are in plaster. The reason is that Provence is a country with smaller rocks and stones, rather than big blocks
  • Although the site remained inhabited the last 50 years, our Bastide has still all cupboards, doors and inside doors
  • Solar panels for hot water tend to be discreetly placed in order to not damage the esthetic of the site. We are autonomous for hot water production.

In 2018, we have now five bedrooms and one dormitory dedicated to groups.